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Power BI Training in KPHB Hyderabad

Master Power BI tool from real-time working expert trainers. We provides the Best Power BI Training in KPHB Hyderabad, will make you a pro at creating visually impressive reports and interactive dashboards.

Course Features:

Power BI Training in KPHB Overview

Power BI training in KPHB Hyderabad by Srish Technologies stands out from the rest of the providers, as our course goal is to deliver job-oriented sessions with 100% practical demonstration. During our Power BI Training in kphb, our experts bring insights from the ongoing job market needs and align them to the curriculum, making our Power BI course content gain weightage and deliver the hottest skills with tips and tricks employers seek from a Power BI aspirant. Srish Technologies smooth your learning Power BI experience with easy-to-enroll, quick-to-learn, functional assessments, grasp the subject, and grab a Power BI professional job.

Demand For Power BI

  1. Power BI has a market share of over 36% of the Business Intelligence sector and is among the top three BI tools.
  2. The Power BI tool usage is growing fast for its compatibility to integrate with all Microsoft tools.
  3. The average salary of a Power BI professional starts from 5 LPA in the industry.
  4. Power BI professionals have seen YoY growth and diversified upskilling opportunities.
  5. The rising demand to manage vast data created online needs BI analysts, and this anticipates the bright future of Power Bi professionals globally.

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Power BI Training in KPHB Curriculum

  1. Power BI Introduction
  2. Power BI Products
  3. Components of Power BI Desktop
  4. Power BI Service
  5. Gateways
  6. Power BI Mobile
  7. Role of Azure & Office 365 in Power BI
  8. Power BI Installation and its Prerequisites
  9. Symantic layer
  10. BRD Document

      Power Query

  1. Overview of Power Query Editor
  2. How to open Power Query Editor
  3. How to connect data source and get data
  4. Different Connection Modes
  5. Connecting different Data Sources like Excel, SharePoint, SQL etc
  6. How to Transform data in Power Query using GUI options
  7. Advance Editor using M Query
  8. Query Dependencies
  9. Different Tabs in Power Query (Home, Transform, Add Column, View, Tools & Help)
  10. Applied Steps & Query Dependencies
  1. Understanding Power Pivot
  2. Data Modelling
  3. Star Schema, Snowflake Schema
  4. Dimension Table Fact Table
  5. Cardinality and its types
  6. Cross Filter Directions
  7. Measure, Calculated Column & Calculated Table
  8. Advance options in Power Pivot
  1. Text Functions
  2. Logical Functions
  3. Date and Time Functions
  4. Filter Functions
  5. Statistical Functions
  1. Understanding Power View
  2. Fields Pane, Visualization Pane, Filter Pane
  3. Filters and its types
  4. Drill Down & Drill Through
  5. Row Level Security
  6. Visual Interactions
  7. Mobile view
  8. Hierarchy
  9. Different Visuals, Purpose & Usage
  10. Custom Visuals
  11. Performance Analyzer
  12. Power Map
  13. Tool Tips & Custom Tool Tips
  14. Grouping
  15. Bookmarks, Selection pane & Buttons
  16. Publish
  17. Format Tools
  18. Column Tools
  1. Introduction to Power BI Service
  2. Power BI Cloud Architecture
  3. Power BI licenses and its Types
  4. My Workspace & Project
  5. Workspaces
  6. Workspace level Access
  7. Report level Permissions
  8. Add guest user and share report to user out-of- Organization
  9. Dashboard
  10. Datasets
  11. Dataflows and its Types
  12. Report Actions
  13. Dataset Actions
  14. Security
  15. On-demand & Schedule Refreshes
  16. App Creation
  17. Favourites
  18. Deployment Pipelines
  19. Permission to SG
  20. Data Source Settings
  21. Admin Portal and objects of Admin Portal
  22. Creating Security
  23. Groups in Office 365
  24. Assigning Licenses
  1. Understanding Gateways
  2. Types of Gateways
  3. Installation
  4. Add or Remove Source and Users
  1. Real Time Project Explanation
  2. Interview Question Discussion
  3. Exams
  4. Resume Preparation
  5. Mock Interviews

Benefits with Srish Technologies Classes

Power BI Training in Hyderabad FAQs

Is Power BI a promising career?

Yes. Power BI has topped the top ten robust careers list for the past few years. And the growth of Power BI market share YoY assures its professionals a great career ahead.

I am from a non-IT background. Can I learn Power BI?

Power Bi is a simple tool that lets users work hassle-free. Many non-IT individuals have mastered Power BI and serve the top positions in the industry as Data Architects, managers, etc. Consistent efforts to learn the skills will only help any individual grab a glorious IT career, and Power BI is the easiest choice to get started with.

What job roles can I apply for after this Power BI Online Training Hyderabad?

Power BI offers flexible job roles to the users who master the skills. You can apply for the following top on-demand job roles after completing the course. 1. Power BI Analyst, 2. Power BI Consultant, 3. Power BI Developer, 4. Power BI Specialist.


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